Why developers should learn CSS

As a developer, you might ask, why do I have to learn CSS? Isn’t CSS something that designers do? That is a fair question, however, learning even a little bit of CSS has its advantages:

  1. Every profession has its jargon. A set of words used by the practitioners of that field to quickly communicate their ideas among each other. Learning CSS will let you in on the jargon used by designers. Don’t you, as a developer, want to have a say in the design of the feature you are working on?
  2. Developers end up designing UI for the administrative part of the software. This is the part that customers don’t see, but that does not mean that it has to be ugly with 60 fields crammed in a single page. Being able to create a simple 3 column layout will go a long way in improving the design.
  3. There may not be a designer. If you work for a startup or are planning to start your own shop, you will have to wear many hats, one of those, will definitely be that of a designer.
  4. Why do you have to be so stubborn? Learn it. It won’t take you more than a week. For the loss of a few Xbox hours, you can acquire a new skill set.

Most importantly, learning CSS would mean that you can walk into the next design meeting and throw around words like, pseudo-classes, float, doctype, matte & leading!!! Think of all the respect and looks of admiration that is gonna come your way. You might even get invited to the parties that designers hang out at.

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