Learning HTML with CSS and using Anki.

A while back, I wrote about why developers should learn HTML and CSS. I wrote that post after formally re-introducing myself to HTML and CSS using Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML. A short time later, I got caught up with more server side programming. As if often happens, once you learn a programming language, you need to build something in… Continue reading Learning HTML with CSS and using Anki.

Software Construction & Metaphors

This post is part 1 of a series that documents my understanding of software construction as I read through Steve McConnell’s excellent Code Complete. I was reading up on software construction and the importance metaphors to get a deeper understanding the process of software development. What follows is my understanding of the aforementioned topics. Software… Continue reading Software Construction & Metaphors

Securing your personal data.

A few weeks ago, a friend, on returning home from work, found that her house was broken into. Her Macbook Pro, iMac, camcorder, and a digital camera were stolen. The robbery happened mid-day, in broad daylight!!! Most of her personal digital assets, pictures and videos, stored on the computers were lost, forever. This is far more devastating than… Continue reading Securing your personal data.

Python – Dynamic Typing.

This post is the seventh of many that attempts to document everything I have been learning about Python. Much of Python’s conciseness, flexibility and power comes from the fact that it is a dynamically typed language. Dynamic typing means that you, the developer, do not have to declare variables ahead of time and you do… Continue reading Python – Dynamic Typing.