A brief overview of Python

A few weeks ago, I spent a few days learning Python using LPTHW. Starting this week, I began my deep dive into Python exploring each feature of the language in depth. This post is the first of many that attempts to document everything I have been learning about the language. Why learn Python? Python is… Continue reading A brief overview of Python

Learning Python the hard way

I spent all of last week learning Python using Learn Python the Hard Way (LPTHW) written by Zed Shaw. The book is targeted mainly towards people who have never programmed before, but that should not prevent experienced software developers from using it to learn Python. I spent all of March learning Python using Mark Lutz’s… Continue reading Learning Python the hard way

Python – import and reload modules

This post is the third of many that attempts to document everything I have been learning about Python. Some ways to execute a Python program: From the command line you can invoke the interpreter using python source.py Double clicking the file icon in windows. This assumes that the .py file extension is associated with the… Continue reading Python – import and reload modules

Programming 101: Typing

So you’ve realized that you suck at programming and decided to get better at it. Congratulations, you are in that very small minority of programmers who have realized how much more there is to learn about the art of software development. Most programmers spend all their professional lives never knowing about the improvements and advances… Continue reading Programming 101: Typing